VOL. 1, No. 4, October 2004

M. Fassetta, et al. [2004] Med Hypotheses Res 1: 207-225.

Targeting Apoptosis in Cancer Therapy

Michela Fassetta, Francesca De Bacco and Andrea Rasola*

Division of Molecular Oncology,University of Torino Medical School, Candiolo, Italy

Abstract. Defects in apoptosis, a complex cell death program that controls tissue
homeostasis, play important roles in tumorigenesis. Conventional anticancer treatments
trigger the apoptotic response in cancer cells. Drawbacks of these approaches are the lack
of selectivity towards the tumor and treatment resistance. In the last few years, the
recognition of the molecular events that promote and regulate the apoptotic program
allowed the development of more rational anticancer strategies. These therapies are aimed
at reinstating apoptosis in tumor cells by targeting the core components of cell death
machinery and a broad array of apoptosis regulators.

*Address all correspondence to: Andrea Rasola, Division of Molecular Oncology, IRCC,
Institute for Cancer Research, University of Torino Medical School, Strada Provinciale
142,  Km 3.95, 10060 Candiolo (TO), Italy.  Phone: +390119933210, Fax: +390119933225,

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