VOL. 1, No. 4, October 2004

A. G. Payne [2004] Med Hypotheses Res 1: 247-252.

Effecting Oncolysis by Depleting Intracellular
Glutathione, Boosting Oxidative Stress, and Reducing

Anthony G. Payne*

Steenblock Research Institute, San Clemente, CA 92673, USA

Abstract. The regimen contained in this paper exploits critical pathways in the
life-sustaining biology of tumor cell types in such a way that would make oncolysis more
probable. This approach includes: (i) dietary methionine restriction and other means to
lower intracellular glutathione with the specific goal of compromising intracellular oxidative
defenses, (ii) iron loading and liberation of ferritin iron followed by measures geared to
generate lethal free radical cascades, and (iii) dietary and oral agent intervention oriented
towards the reduction of tumor cell-modulating IGF-I levels.

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