VOL. 2, No. 4, October 2005

A. Mueller, et al. [2005] Med Hypotheses Res 2: 543-551.

The Imbalance between Vasoconstrictors and
Vasodilators in Serum from Pre-eclamptic Women:
Results from Perfused Swine Uteri Using a Complete
Digital Measurement and Data Recording System

Andreas Mueller*, Joern Siemer, Theodoros Maltaris, Helge Binder,
Hakan Kaja, Matthias W. Beckmann and Ralf Dittrich

Abstract. Objective: To compare the effects of serum from pre-eclamptic (PE) and
healthy pregnant (HP) women to the effects of serum from healthy non-pregnant (HNP)
women on intra-arterial pressure (IAP) and intra uterine pressure (IUP) in the perfusion
swine uteri model using a complete digital measurement and data recording system.
Methods: Thirty-six swine uteri were perfused with the aim to preserve a viable organ. Serum
from PE, HP and HNP women (N = 12 per group) were administered. IAP and IUP were
continuously monitored using a complete digital data recording system. Results: The greatest
increase in IUP was caused by serum from HNP women, followed by serum fro PE and
serum from HP (P < 0.05). IAP following the administration of serum from PE women was
higher compared to the effect of serum from HNP women, but the difference was not
statistically significant. The increase of IAP caused by serum from HP women was significant
lower (P = 0.002) compared to serum from HNP women. Conclusion: The findings show that
serum from PE women has significant vasoconstrictive and oxytocic effects in comparison
with serum from HP women. In pre-eclampsia, the balance between vasorelaxing and
vasoactive substances may be disturbed. The complete digital data monitoring and recording
system was feasible, reliable and simplified the data measurement and recording procedure
extensively while it enabled a higher sensitivity.

*Address all correspondence to: Dr. Andreas Mueller, University Hospital
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