VOL. 8, No. 1/2, December 2012

M. V. Vasin [2012] Med. Hypotheses Res. 8: 39-49.

The Non-uniformity of the Absorption of Ionizing
Radiation Energy in the Body Potentiates the
Radioprotective Effects of Drugs: Influence on the Post-
radiation Recovery of Radiosensitive Tissues with High-
Dose Total-Body Irradiation

Mikhail V. Vasin*

Department of Medicine of Catastrophe, Russian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate
Education of  Department of Health Care of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. Purpose: This review proposes a hypothesis of the mechanism of potentiating the
radioprotector effect with non-uniform irradiation. Conclusion: Preventive application of
radioprotectors provides a radioprotective effect not only by means of partially neutralising
the “oxygen effect” but also by their pharmacological action on mesenchymal and
hematopoietic stem cell progenitors. The stem cells that survive at the site of shielding in the
irradiated body may become an object for the radioprotector’s action via the stimulation of
stem cell proliferation and expansion. Shielding radiosensitive tissues increases the spectrum
of radioprotector action and is the basis of the potentiation of combined radioprotector +
shielding protection. Significant non-uniformity of the absorption of ionizing radiation
energy in a body increases the effectiveness of radioprotective drugs with lethal and extra-
lethal levels of irradiation, which must be considered when providing emergency healthcare
to individuals exposed to radiation accidents.

* Correspondence:  Dr. Michail V. Vasin, Department of Medicine of Catastrophe, Russian
Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, 125284, Moscow, St. Polikarpova 10, Russia.