VOL. 8, No. 1/2, December 2012

B. López-Díaz, et al. [2012]  Med. Hypotheses Res. 8: 51-55.

Effects of Magnetic Field Exposure on DNA: Research

Beatriz López-Díaz, Silvia Mercado-Sáenz, Manuel Martínez-Morillo,
Francisco Sendra-Portero and Miguel J. Ruiz-Gómez*

Laboratory of Radiobiology, Department of Radiology and Physical Medicine. Faculty of
Medicine. University of Malaga. Bulevar Louis Pasteur 32, 29071 Málaga, Spain

Abstract. There is presently an intense discussion whether exposure to electromagnetic
fields (EMF) causes any health effects. A large variety of experimental and epidemiological
studies have been performed and conclusions drawn tend to be highly controversial. Since
health effects cannot be excluded, extremely low frequency EMF has been considered as
“possibly carcinogenic to humans”. The high variability observed in experimental results may
reflect complex interactions between several factors that have not been accounted for in
previous studies. For example, it has been suggested that exposure to EMF, while not directly
inducing DNA damage, may affect the cellular response to DNA damage generated by other
processes. One of the recent fields of investigation aims the study of the cellular response to
and repairs of a very deleterious type of DNA damage, the DNA double-strand break (DSB),
under conditions of exposure to magnetic fields. In conclusion, additional research is needed
to better understand the effects of EMF on human health.

* Correspondence: Dr. Miguel J. Ruiz-Gómez. Laboratorio de Radiobiología, Departamento
de Radiología y Medicina Física. Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Málaga. Bulevar
Louis Pasteur, 32, 29071 Málaga, España. Tel.: +34-95-2131578. Fax: +34-95-2131630.